Tri Coach

Why I Coach

So others may benefit from what I’ve learned the hard way!

I started racing and learning about triathlon 7 years ago. Back then the sport wasn’t as popular as it is now in Malaysia. When I first started I didn’t know anyone in triathlon and learning to race in triathlon was more of trial and error and reading whatever I could find online. Eventually I met more like minded friends in triathlon and tri wisdoms were passed down from the so called Sifus (now I can tell you a lot of things they taught me doesn’t even work). It took a slow time to progress as I didnt have any proper guidance and it is easy to overlook vital stuffs like proper nutrition and rest. Instead the mentality was harder and longer training is the best, which I can say is the best way to burn out in training. I learnt it the hard way when I was hospitalized for pneumonia 2 weeks before my first Ironman in 2010.

In the past few years I was more serious about triathlon and have been guided by some of the best coaches around. Instead of splurging money on upgrading my bike, I hired several reputable coaches to guide me to achieve my race potential. Kevin Siah introduced me to a scheduled program and that improved my performance a lot. I am currently coached by Steve Lumley, one of the best triathlon coaches in the world and can’t wait to race to test out my new performance. I am also fortunate to be trained for my swim, bike and run by the best coaches around. This allowed me to podium consistently throughout the year and to achieve my dream of a 10 hours + result in Iron distance racing.

I started out coaching some close friends 2 years ago and not only have they completed their goal races, some of them managed to podium even. This is one of the most satisfying part of coaching, seeing my students improve and achieving the race and fitness goal. Every week I also conduct swim, bike and run sessions and encourage my triathlon students to join in the sessions so I can correct their techniques or just to have a discussion.

Why Coaching?

Triathlon is a tough sport and is greatly simplified by hiring a coach. I find that by hiring a coach rather that buying an expensive equipment is a much wiser choice. The fitness gain from smart training will be evident from your swim, bike and run results where I believe you can improve your results by 20% or more for all 3 sports. This is as oppose to buying an expensive pair of carbon wheels, where you might only improve cycling speed by 5% and the same amount of money can be use to hire a good coach for a few years. With proper training program, not only can you get the the most out of your training but you can reduce chances of injury and burn out.

Sign up for the 2 weeks free trial training program and together work to achieving your triathlon goals!
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