Rupert Chen



Hi, my name is Rupert.

I’ve started this blog hoping to inspire normal Malaysians to take up triathlon and to lead a healthier lifestyle (ok ok I also need to keep my sponsors happy by writing about them and their products :P). I am just a normal triathlete, not a pro but I do have dreams to be the best Malaysian in long distance triathlon and to qualify for Kona World Championship one day. If I can’t do it now, I can always try to out live my competitors and qualify when I am 99 years old.

I started triathlon 7 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I wasn’t a natural a triathlete, I was kinda chubby when I first started racing and didn’t have a clue on how to tri. 3 weeks before my first triathlon in Kenyir in 2009 I got my first ever road bike. Blasted out of the transition and was gone by 10kms, aunties on mountain bikes were overtaking me! But manage to finished the race and I felt like a superstar. My 2nd race was and offroad tri, Xterra in Kuantan and I was riding an old MTB, finished in last place, yes I was that bad!!! My 3rd race was in Port Dickson triathlon where I had a double puncture and was considering to give up triathlon for good, I was thinking triathlon doesn’t suit me at all. I am so thankful I stuck on with it, along the way I have race some amazing races and met amazing people!

Anyway I quit my corporate job in 2012, worked in my own trading company and distributing CarboPro in SE Asia and that gave me flexibility to train more. I had help from Kevin Siah with my training plans and my performance improved a lot and I started going on the podium more often. In 2014, while training for Ironman Langkawi, me and a group of like minded friends started Bunanamo Tri Club as a platform to train together for IMMY. We will have weekly swim, bike and run sessions and it has continued until now. I am still conducting SRE (Swim Run and Eat) sessions every Wednesday at MMU Cyberjaya and long rides on the weekend as I want to expose more people to triathlon and for them to understand each training has an objective. The club has produced some pretty strong triathletes and helped beginners to complete their first tri. In Ironman Langkawi 2015, Bunanamo Tri Club won fastest Malaysian Invitational Tri Club award and that was a very big achievement for us as we are just a small club.

In 2015, I was 2nd fastest Malaysian in 70.3 Putrajaya and also completed Challenge Roth in 10:47, joining the few Malaysians top triathletes who have completed Ironman in 10 hours +. My results have caught the attention of Team Time head coach Steve Lumley and I was fortunate enough to be invited to join Team Time, specializing in long distance triathlon. I have started training with them end of 2015 and I can feel as though I am already an upgraded version of Rupert Tri 2.0, but the sessions are hard especially on the swim. Each session, I would have my butt kick by 13 year old girls!!! Ah well… nobody said it was gonna be easy but I am enjoying every moment of it, training under Steve allows me to understand more on the science behind the training and to understand my body and how to train and race to my optimum ability. No wonder his students are the best triathletes in Malaysia, what an honour to train with the best!

I am fortunate to have awesome and understanding family, friends and sponsors who have encouraged me to pursue my dreams of racing and training while traveling. A lot of people would think I am crazy, training day in day out pushing the boundaries, riding under the scorching hot sun with crazy Malaysian drivers on nasty road conditions, swimming till I smell of chlorine and running on and offroad but this is my passion and I am thankful I can live my passion everyday. It is one of the best feelings to be surrounded by like minded friends, pushing hard in training, riding pass small kampungs and avoiding running into cows and chased by dogs, having that yummy auntie’s apom post training, sipping latte while enjoying the beautiful historical buildings in Europe or riding up mountains in Japan, enjoying hot ramen post ride.

I would also like to thank Sue Kay for playing an instrumental role in helping me to setup this website, from the photos, to the blog design and also all the advices. If any of you guys want to start a website, contact her! She is an elite website designer. My pet project for now is writing this blog and triathlon coaching, as I have been fortunate enough to be coached by some awesome coaches and pickup many triathlon tricks through training and racing, I am excited to share it with you guys. If an overweight guy like me who has ended up as the slowest guy in his age group can make it to the podium, I think anyone else with the right attitude and guidance can do it too 🙂