Meng Thai Bicycle Center

Meng Thai was introduced to me by the charismatic Andrew Lim, EZ Rider founder. Meng Thai was looking for athletes to ride their Orbit Design wheels and coincidently I was looking for high profile tubular wheels to race in as I heard so much good stuffs about tubulars. The boss of Meng Thai, Husher Lai gave me a pair of Orbit Design 50mm tubular wheels with Tufo tires to try out. It was so light climbing hills was a breeze but on flats and downhills I felt the rolling momentum was lacking. So I asked for heavier deeper wheels and he gave me the 88mm rear tubular wheels and ever since I have been racing with them on my roadie.

Orbit Design wheels are manufactured in Taiwan and at a price of less than RM3000, it is a steal! Light and responsive, the wheels are superb on road races when we need to have sudden burst of speed to chase breakaways. Tubular wheels will always be a couple of hundred grams lighter than clinchers as it doesnt require the hook on bead rims that a clincher does.

The Tufo tubular tires has superb tire rolling resistance compared to clinchers. As tubulars pressure is much high up to 160 Psi, contact surface area on the road is less and chances of a puncture is greatly reduced as well. Only downside is its a bit tricky to change tubulars mid ride in case of a puncture but that is where the sealant comes in 🙂

Husher is also great in bike fitting as his willingness to listen and discuss with his customer on fitting comfort vs aerodynamics makes him one of the best bike fitters around. His bike fitting price of RM80/fitting with unlimited adjustments is a real bargain!

So drop by Meng Thai in Kota Damansara or visit their new shop in Kota Kemuning to check out their bikes and accessories or even to do a bike fitting!


Meng Thai contact

HQ Contact Details :- 
Kota Damansara
Tel : 03-6148 3353
H/P : 016-365 2690

Branch Details :-
11-G, Jln Anggerik Vanilla P31/P,
Sek 31, Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-58798852

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat: 11:30 – 20:30

Sun: 13:30 – 18:30

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