CarboPro Testimonials



I started using CarboPro for my 100km Trail race in Australia last May 2015, The North Face 100 Australia is one of the hardest 100km trail race in Australia.I mixed CarboPro with Red Bull for that race, this worked tremendously well for me in fuelling my entire race. I felt energised and full of energy throughout that 100km trail race, normally after 50km in my previous race I would get bonked and suffered tremendously. I had problems in eating and drinking to fuel my prior races, plus I would vomit and had bloated stomach due to my inabilities to consume calories during races. Amazingly after using CarboPro, all my previous problems was gone. I am no longer suffered from bonked, bloated stomach, vomiting etc. I wish that I found CarboPro earlier and my previous races would be completed rather than DNF. What I like most about CarboPro that it can be mixed with any drinks with ease and quick. The consumption and the effect of the CarboPro is immediate. Thank you to Carbo Pro Malaysia for your continued support.

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