CarboPro is a product my company brought in from the States. How I discovered it was while I was reading Joe Friel’s Triathlon Bible. In the whole book he never mentioned any product brand except for CarboPro which is highly recommended to be taken during the cycling leg of the Ironman.

I was excited about it but it wasnt available in Malaysia. Luckily I had a friend traveling to the States and he brought 1 tub back for me to try it out. After using it, my days of bonking during long distance races was finally over and I was in love with CarboPro. I wanted to share this product with my fellow Malaysians racing in long distance endurance sports and decided to import it in.

CarboPro is complex carbohydrate powder. Each spoonful contains 100 calories, so depending on your size and extended workout period, you can mix the adequate calories in it. I personally love to mix it with Gatorade for the taste and electrolytes. I usually take about 300 calories/hour during races base on my body size and energy expenditure level. I also take it the day before races to Carboload as I find I can store extra glycogen with it 🙂

Besides the complex carb, I completement my intake with CarboPro’s Metasalt which are salt tablets. Metasalt contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and electrolytes to prevent cramping, heat fatigue and dehydration. The intake depends on how much I am sweating and the weather. Generally in Malaysia when I am racing hard, I take 1 pill every 20-30 mins. On a kinder weather and more relax session, I take 1 pill every 45-60 mins.

CarboPro also produces Interphase (protein powder), amino acid (for recovery) and VO2 Max for instant energy boost. Checkout the product description at CarboPro official website

 To purchase your CarboPro in Malaysia drop us a message at:



Rupert 0102263347

Jay Vin 0123865322


CarboPro is also available at the following shops:



Bike Tech Subang

Orbit Cycle


Meng Thai

Runners Unite for Northen Region

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