This year, Bunanamo yearly interstate ride 2015 was to Ipoh since 1. The distance is around 180km, challenging but not too tough 2. Our Bunnies no 1 supporter Lydia’s hometown 3. Awesome food!!! Also inline with Bunnies philosophy, we want to contribute to the less fortunate and decided to contribute to Pay It Forward Ipoh (PIFI), a charity body recommended by Lydia whereby every Saturday night they will distribute food to the homeless at Ipoh.

The ride leader for Ipoh ride was Leo, treasurer Yiheng, Lydia was Ipoh host and advisor and me the busybody. We decided to start the ride at Tesco Rawang as that would cut short our ride by 30km (as oppose to starting from GCE). Drama already started at the get go as a few of our confirmed riders couldnt come on the ride morning: 1. Danny had high fever! 2. Indran thani too much and hangover 3. Nabil cannot wake up 4. Henry had a injury. Oh well at least we will have more sleeping space and room in the team bus. We also had the luxury of 2 support cars driven Ting Ting, co driver Jo Ee and Lydia, co driver Cami.

Schedule was to gather by 6:30am at Tesco Rawang, tayar golek jam 7:00am. As usual with the morning dramas, we tayar golek at 8am ++. Then Yiheng forgot the cheque that was suppose to be passed to the charity and we rode to his house and got lost as well. After much phone calling, we finally left from Rawang to Kuala Kubu Baru, The ride to KKB went without much incident except for Vincent having a puncture which he patched it up quickly. Then on the way to Tanjung Malim the speed was getting a bit too fast… as initially the plan was to ride between 30-32km/hr but on some segments it was going around 36-38km/hr on flats. At that pace I was worried some of the riders wouldnt be able to cope on 2nd half of the ride (which did prove so eventually).

We had the very popular pau at Yik Mun, Tg, Malim. I ate so much, 1 kaya pau + 1 chicken pau + roti kahwin + 2 eggs and coffee. I think I stuff myself a bit too much as on the eventual segment I felt bloated like a python that just swallowed a cow. Next stop was  quick stop at Slim River 7-11 where I had beer to carboload. By then some of the riders were suffering already …. After a quick refill we went off towards Bidor. Irene was by far the suprise rider of the day able to follow the front group, mostly pulled by Teh and Leo.

We reached Bidor pretty fast, weaving through heavy traffic towards the famous duck noodle shop. It was at this time when the heat was the worst and riders started to complained a lot….Most of them had something for lunch but I didnt have any appetite as I ate too much at Tg Malim and just settle for fruits, bad call as eventually I starve on the way to Ipoh.

Then off we go again towards Tapah, whereby the group started breaking into 2 as some riders couldnt follow the pace of the front group. I decided to drop back and pull the 2nd peloton. It was at this time I saw another rider coming from the opposite direction… I was wondering to myself who is this idiot riding at 2pm in the hot afternoon. Suddenly he made a sudden turn towards our peloton and rode behind us… after looking menacing back only I realised it was Dave Spence whom I have agreed to meet up at Tapah… I guess he was bored waiting in Tapah for us and that he decided to ride over to meet up with us. Dave is 50+ years old Botak Matsalleh guy that is stronger than a 20 year old… So he started pulling the peloton at a steady pace…. oh did I mentioned he already rode his MTB and trail run in the morning before deciding to join us for the bike session?

Sue couldnt cope with Dave’s pace and was dropped so I decided to wait to pull her (otherwise I’ll kena nag later at night).  The next stop would be Gopeng Shell station but it was apparent Sue was bonking by that time and coulnt follow the peloton anymore. I guess she felt bad I was waiting for her and she kept urging me to ride ahead with the group. Sue’s pace was getting slower and it was at this time I decided to stop by a coconut stall beside the road to replenish our energy. Had some coconut with rambutans and told the rest of the gang to carry on to Ipoh. Sue was considering to pull out…. I think mostly coz she felt bad I kept waiting but I told her it’s alright, it’s not a race and we will just take it easy to Ipoh, it’s only 25km left from here. So off we go again and after another 10km I was starving… I told Sue I’m gonna stop to eat and just stop by a roadside foodstall to have some rice with rendang and vege. Felt so much better after that and that was the time it started raining and I guess that sort of refreshed Sue and she was riding stronger. Then Rashid and Pasree came in from behind and we rode together all the way to Ipoh, weaving by traffic and rain.

Once we were in Ipoh we werent sure where to go but luckily Fendy posted it on whatsapp the location and announced that he has won the ride…. macamlah it was a race after all hahahahaha!

After that we rode towards them at McDonald and that was when our 2 support car came from behind and shouted the directions to us! They were way behind as they decided to go Kampar for some desserts!!! hahaha

We met up with Pay It Forward Ipoh at the McD’s…. Lydia introed me the the PIFI committee and we had a short chat to discuss about PIFI. We passed our accumulated donation of RM1210 to PIFI and also 1200 packets of noodles and clothes we collected from our members. Took photos and was interviewed by The Edge Ipoh newspaper, yay glamor!


More bout PIFI Pay It Forward Ipoh

PIFI is a Non-Profit Organization that was started up by a few young people on 10th April 2015. They collect donations from the public and convert them into food, before handing them over to the homeless.

To offer your help, head on down to Stadium Food Court Ipoh on Tuesdays to Sundays at 6pm to 11pm, at stall number 3 to contribute.



TELEPHONE 019-645 6745 011-1278 7268

EMAIL ipohpayitforward@gmail.com

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/payitforwardip oh


Then we headed to our respective homestays at Bercham Ipoh. We headed for dinner with the gang at 8:30pm at the famous Crab Glassnoodle shop. Luckily Leo and Yiheng rode their bikes to the restaurant and ordered earlier. Dinner was served by about 9:30pm! Almost 1 hour after ordering as the restaurant was just so packed! Dinner was delicious and as usual everyone wanted to brag and share their ride to Ipoh stories. Then we headed to Bricks and Barrels Ipoh for Beers. Ordered 4 towers and got pretty high that night. It was fun though hanging out and drinking with like minded friends. Only triathletes would understand the conversations we had… talking about racing, training, politics and future plans. As we were leaving Jo Ee suddenly says she feels like eating chicken wing. So off we go and hunted for chicken wings till the wee hour of the morning.

Next morning our VIP bus came and pick us up and we headed to Ipoh famous hor fun. Had awesome Ipoh white coffee, sate,  hor fun. Then took group photos with the Bunanamo banner and Ipoh ride mug before heading for Nasi Ganja. It was really yummy and the queue line was just ridiculous. After that somebody announced Tau Fu fa… so off we go n makan tau fu fa…. ride 185km but calories eaten = 370km!!! After that I announced no more food stops and off we hop into the Bunnies bus and headed back…. Immediately I fell asleep in the bus and as usual our team paparazzi would take all funny photos….

In all it was a very successful ride despite the lesser turn up as many who promised to join earlier pull out last minute. We achieved our main objective which was to help the less fortunate with the donation and to create awareness about them. Also, the ride was pretty challenging and for many riders it was the furthest they have ever ridden! Hooray! On the way back to KL, all proposals for next years ride came about, riding to cameron la, riding to Desaru la… to Thailand pun ada hahahaha…. We will see.

Till then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 everyone!

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