Buns at the Malacca Century Ride 2015

Congratulations to Aimi Iwasaki who came in 7th place in today’s Melaka Century Ride in women open category. Superb performance by Aimi, finishing in 4:29 with an average speed of 35.5km/hr + for a very hilly course and strong competitors. I was working as a domestique today and it’s a tough job but i enjoyed it so much and was so proud of how strong Aimi was smile emoticonThough I didnt win in todays race but I managed to win an Uvex Bike Helmet by lucky draw 😂 yay!!! Also to theKedai Basikal OrbitCyclee for supporting us and Sue as escort photographer and supporter! Congrats also to all finishers and winners of todays race! #orbitcycle #bunanamo #carbopro #uvexhelmet#boardman #h2c #bonk99