Apple Physiotherapy Centre


I’ve been plagued by knee issues ever since i started racing 7 years ago, usually caused by very tight ITB. So i was pleased to be given a chance to try out physio treatment at Apple Physiotherapy Centre located at PJ Palms Sports Center. Jess Lim, the physio did a great job of accessing my knee and diagnosing the source of the problem. I was given a massage to loosen the problematic area, then given an electrical stimulation called TENS (ok i didn’t really see the gadgets coz it was on my butt) to relieve pain. Then Jess pokes in needles on my ITB and inner thigh, a treatment called Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) to release muscle shortening which was pretty painful on my problematic areas. It was sore after treatment but the day after my thighs and knee feel great, the ITB has loosen so much. 

Definitely recommended for athletes with injury issues to visit Apple Physio as not only do they fix the problem but comes up with the diagnosis so i can work on certain stretch and resistance training to stay injury free smile emoticon Apply Physio at PJ Palms also provides free assessment and consultation. In fact i’ll be coming regularly to service my over used legs!

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